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Work with me: 

For art professionals, galleries and Institutions 

As part of my work, I invite and collaborate with galleries and institutions to embrace systemic change and create opportunities and models accessible to artists and audiences with children.

I would be excited to discuss ways to collaborate, advice on your programme and operational structures to bring change and innovation. 

For Artists

Starting by overcoming the cultural rejections and misrepresentation of womxn’s professional abilities during pregnancy and beyond, I have been following the practices and mentoring many international artists across disciplines and walks of life.

I will work with you to overcome and reframe internal, external and systemic barriers. We will challenge and nurture each other, for an individual and collective development. 

I can also advise on funding applications, branding, websites, and online visibility.

I currently have only 1 pro-bono opportunity for a 6 weeks mentorship with me from January 2021.

Universities and conferences

I have been invited to bring my unique knowledge and experience in many different contexts. I am happy to discuss my involvement in conferences, university programmes and art events.

For expectant women and birthing people

I am a birth Doula. This is a completion of my own journey and my understanding of the birth of my child and the one of many women and birthing people I work with and I listen to.

I am deepening my knowledge in sexualities and specifically sexual traumas and how it relates to the nervous system. I also bring in our journey together the creative and embodied approach to choice and expression.

I want to be a companion for people, walking together towards a birth and post birth experience that is filled with a sense of choice, sovereignty and love.

I also work with vulnerable women through this organisation
If you want to be referred or you know someone who might need our support please get in touch.

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