My intertwined practices are overarched by an on-going intersectional research and interest in gender, sexualities and cultures. As an art producer, curator and birth-worker I create actions and models towards equal representation and better recognition and care for mothers and parents. As an artist I create images and performances that aim to instigate debate and new narratives around these subjects. 


Starting by overcoming the rejections and misrepresentation of people’s professional abilities during pregnancy and beyond, I have built, a solid track record of platforms, engaging individuals and institutions in this conversation. I have created an ever-growing network of artists and supporters, demonstrating the need for new approaches and infrastructures both for artists and the cultural industries.

I have been and keep wanting to provide new references for models that can inspire a sea-change across sectors; integrate ways we perceive and balance the private, the domestic and the public, as well as the perception and normalization of womxn’s and primary care givers artistic output as part of the cultural and social landscape.


In this framework, I have also been developing my practice as a performance artist with an interest in feminisms, migration, body politics, class and sexualities. Using both autobiographical materials and collective histories, I am producing a transdisciplinary body of work that combines movement, installation, photography, video and text.

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